Off to Germany

This cannot be good for them

This cannot be good for them

I’m off to Germany tomorrow morning to play at the Inselsommer festival in Ludwigshafen (nope, me neither… near Mannheim, apparently) with Sunday Driver. The rest of the band are already out there, and apparently there are massive posters of us plastered all over town.

I am currently trying to pack both clarinets (bass and Bb) into a tiny suitcase ready for travel, and I am not entirely sure they fit. Bloody cabin baggage restrictions.

Things to remember take with me:

  • Passport
  • Clarinets, shaker, recorder, and magic musical spoons
  • Joel’s guitar (I am terrified I’ll forget this…)
  • Clean pants and socks
  • Less than 100ml of any fluid EXCEPT MY OWN BLOOD, DAMMIT
  • 200 hastily-made and badly-printed flyers explaining why on earth we’re dressed as Victorians and Raj-era Indians
  • Passport. Did I already say that?

Things to remember to steal:

  • The pile of Euros left over from Ricky Fabulous‘ last jaunt to France

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