A bit of Bach

Bach. Unimpressed by harpists since 1685.

Bach. Unimpressed by poor quality recordings since 1685.

I finally managed to get a decent evening of practice in to brush up my repertoire in time for a wedding I’m playing on Saturday near Brighton.  The bride has asked for Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach, a tune I love but have somehow never managed to actually learn.

So once my dad had emailed over a cheeky copy of the sheet music from home, I sat down and learned it.

Here’s a pretty bad recording of my efforts, with a lot of finger-buzz as I’m still finding my way over some of the notes. If you listen carefully, you can probably hear the washing machine hitting the spin cycle and my housemates in the next room…

I’ve also hammered through Danny Boy (sounds drunken, as it should), Moon River (sounds lovely), Material Girl by Madonna (sounds cheesy) and reminded myself of various bits of Debussy (oooh squishy!).

My shoulders hurt – must improve posture or find live-in masseur…

4 responses to “A bit of Bach

  1. Brendan & Julie

    We have just listened to your wedding music, it was great.

  2. That was just great Kat. Your timing was perfect. Is there a recording of a Whiter Shade of Pale somewhere on your website?

    A silly question maybe but do you get pedals (fuzz, delay, compression) for electric harps? Is there such a thing as an electric harp?

    One last question – can you/one play the 5th Brandenburg on a harp? That would be rather incredible…

    Great stuff, thanks,

    • HI John, thanks for your compliment 🙂
      I don’t have a recording of Whiter Shade of Pale, though it’s something I’m meaning to learn.
      You can put a harp through pedals – I’ve tried it but the gain from my pickup is very low so it often does’t sound great. You can get electric harps made by people like Camac and Lyon & Healy – I played an L&H electrc harp when mine was being repaired a couple pof years ago.
      And finally, no I haven’t tried the Brandenburg! It would be interesting to see how it sounds, but I don’t have time to learn anything like that at the moment!


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