Sunday Driver at Cambridge Folk Club – 17th July

A poster, earlier.

A poster, earlier.

On Friday night I braved horrendous weather conditions on the M11 to get to Cambridge to play a gig at the Folk Club with Sunday Driver.  Honestly, it was a downpour of biblical proportions.  Accompanied by some fairly unbiblical swearing as I narrowly avoided aquaplaning into a Range Rover.

The Folk Club have been supporters of the band for many years, and it’s always great to play in front of such an appreciative crowd. It was also lovely to see so many of our Cambridge friends (hello to Ben, Fred and Sarah!).

We played two 45 minute sets – the first focusing on our more “Western” acoustic numbers, and the second set having more of an Indian flavour (jalfrezi, hahahaha…).

Here we are (thanks to Ricky for the pics):

Sunday Driver rock the Folk Club. Gently.

Sunday Driver rock the Folk Club. Gently.

To start the second set, Joel and Ghoshi played a couple of Indian Raags. considering they’ve only been playing together for a couple of weeks, they were frankly awesome.  Here’s a pic of them doing their thing:

Joel on his magic carpet

Joel on his magic carpet

And here’s a fairly crappy audio recording of them playing Dhun, in Raga Bhairavi, by Niladri Kumar.  Regardless of the quality, it sounds rocking.

Link to file

Our set went down a storm and we left the crowd shouting for more. Which was nice 🙂

Here are a few tasters of our songs – apologies for the recording quality, but they’re just done on a little Edirol R-09 that we strategically placed in the audience (thanks to Ben for minding it, you audio geek 🙂 ) and I haven’t done any mastering on them. And my clarinet was squeaking like a bitch. I think it’s sulking after the suitcase incident.

City of Dreadful Night (a new song that we wrote only after we’d released an album called “In the City of Dreadful Night. Doh!):

Link to file

The Squirrel Song (a very old, and quite sad, song that I wrote a long time ago about someone who I loved who didn’t love me back. I still don’t know if he knows about it):

Link to file

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