Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Us! In German! A review from the Inselsommer festival (click to see full size on Flickr)

Us! In German! A review from the Inselsommer festival

(Click on the image to see the full-size version in Flickr)

Does anyone know what this is actually saying? My basic schoolgirl German suggests it is quite positive.

2 responses to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  1. It says you play a mix of Eastern and Western folklore, and you were the band that best fits the “Cool Britannia” theme of the summer [festival?]. A mix of traditional English Victorian pub music, Indian classical, and colourful Bollywood that could only have been done in Britain. Then it says how your singer speaks great German and explains the songs etc.

    About the instrumentation, they say that the guitar, bass and clarinet remind you of Western music but the clarinet also a bit of Klezmer. The band sets up a mantra that lacks the complicated rhythms of indian music, it’s not traditional but it engages the listener.

    Then some specific stuff about songs e.g. the wedding song doesn’t make a victim out of the bride character. It says that the weather wasn’t great but (I might have misread here) there was some dancing, and whoever went on the Parkinsel would have heard a good afternoon of music.

    Kx 🙂

    • Thanks for the translation! I’m glad it’s a good review, as it was a great gig for us. I’m having a flashback to dancing round afterwards singing “Billie Jean” with Goshi the tabla player, after a couple of glasses of fine local wine 🙂

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