Day job: the art of science

“The large blue alien blob crawls across the page. Tentacles shoot out from its body, attaching to anything in its reach…”

I’ve recently started making forays into video editing, and put together this little slideshow of cell images generated by the Cancer Research UK Electron Microscopy Unit.  It was made to support this blog post about their work.

If you can ignore the unsettling fact that they’re actually cancer cells, the images are utterly beautiful. And, in an act of spectacular nepotism, I soundtracked it with a recent mix of  ‘Plucking and Bowing’ by the Shadow Orchestra, which we recorded a while ago, but still haven’t properly finished.

What do you think of it?

One response to “Day job: the art of science

  1. Very nicely done.

    Scanning Electron Microscopes are awesome pieces of equipment and I’d love to have one.

    They really do open your eyes to how incredible nature is, even at the smallest end of the spectrum.

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