Recommended listening – Florence and the Machine

Im in ur rehearsal, distracting ur sitar player... The rehearsal studio dog (name unknown). Gorgeous.

I'm in ur rehearsal, distracting ur sitar player... The studio dog (name unknown). Gorgeous.

I’m up to my neck in it at the moment, as I’m rehearsing with Sunday Driver pretty much all weekend for our gig at the Cambridge Folk Festival next week. And I have to make a radio documentary, and write some science news and cook some brownies and practice the harp and tidy the house and do the washing …  and…and…and… (yeah, I know, the clue’s in the title of the blog).

Spending a summer weekend in a windowless studio pretty much sucks, however much fun it is to play music with friends. But as a bonus, the place we were in today had a huge yellow dog, which was so cute. It kept wandering around while we were practising, distracting Joel and trying to eat our biscuits.

Dark, dark dark. Where we spent today.

Where I spent today. My friends spent the day in the garden. Bastards.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of new (well, new to me) music lately.  This includes the simply awesome new Jon Hopkins album, Insides – I’ll do a full review soon – Captain Beefheart (look, I said new to me…) and this rather stunning track. It’s the Lionheart remix of Florence and the Machine’s Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up), by Jamie T.

I love what he’s done with the lovely Tom Moth‘s harp, warping it a bit and making it more prominent. I guess we’ll probably pinch the idea for a Shadow Orchestra track 🙂

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