Turntable Soul Party – Vibe Bar, 11th July

It’s a bit late to be writing this up, but I wanted to post up a few pictures and some thoughts about Belleruche‘s Turntable Soul Party at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane – one of the best gigs I’ve been to for ages.

To be honest, a lot of the night passed in a bit of a blur as I woke up far too early that morning, in Germany (after the Sunday Driver gig in Ludwigshafen). A taxi ride, train, flight, 2hr tube journey and bus ride later, I got home with just enough time to unpack and repack to head out for the soundcheck with the Shadow Orchestra. By the time I got to the Vibe bar  – in the pissing rain – I was pretty grumpy.

The soundcheck was shockingly bad, and a poor overworked engineer trying to do his best under trying circumstances and dodgy equipment and a recalcitrant laptop didn’t add to my mood.  I had a glass of delicious whisky ‘tea’ (nom, nom nom! Thanks Cutty Sark!) and played a bit of jazz with Ricky Fabulous outside in the drizzle.

Fortunately, our gig went amazingly well. People were dancing, cheering and really getting in to the new material.  I think the best bit for me was after our last track (“Sweet as a Nut”) when Johnny Clash the compere asked who in the room had been having a psychedelic wigout, and half the band put up their hands, as well as most of the audience.

And it was great to have so many people ask us if they could buy an album (errr… not one that sounds like the live band) or when our next gigs were (err… not until we get some more bookings for the Autumn).

Here’s a few pics taken by a couple of friends (Sarah and Lisa, thanks for letting me steal them!):

The fairy lights were a good investment

The fairy lights were a good investment

Us again

Us again!

The rest of the night went off like a rocket. There was an awesome (and extremely sweaty) set from The Correspondents (seriously, check them out). The beautiful Kitty Bang Bang did her burlesque thing with her usual grace and aplomb.

The astounding Kitty Bang Bang shaking her thing

The astounding Kitty Bang Bang shaking her thing

And Belleruche rocked the party.

Belleruche rocking out. Blurrily

Belleruche rocking out. Blurrily

I finally rolled home after 3am, exhausted.  To be honest, I’m only just about recovered.

One response to “Turntable Soul Party – Vibe Bar, 11th July

  1. I love the fairy lights! 🙂

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