Funny Women 2009

Must remember to be funny. And a woman.

Must remember to be funny. And a woman.

Last Thursday my evil comedy alter-ego Kate Marchant trod the boards at the Wheatsheaf pub in Southwark, in one of the London heats of the 2009 Funny Women competition.

Lest this sound like I am an established comedienne, I’ve only ever once done standup before, at my sister Helen’s fab night – the London Air Accordion Society (I’m off there tonight, woo!). I can’t remember much about that one, except that I got insanely nervous beforehand, and rather drunk afterwards (I blame the nerves).

Luckily, I was much less nervous this time round and managed to get onto the stage without wanting to vomit, or shaking so much I nearly dropped the mic. And extra-luckily, I remembered my material, and maintained enough of a vague sense of comic timing to deliver it, and even got some laughs.

The competition was stiff, and although I wasn’t the worst, I certainly wasn’t the best. So I don’t think I’ll get through to the semi-finals, but it was a really great experience.

One thing that surprised me was that I think I managed to tell the two edgiest jokes of the night (one about Gary Glitter and one about incest). I think the other acts were all a bit too… nice. Or I’ve been watching too much Family Guy again…

I’ve got a bit of video of my debut performance at home that I’m trying to edit down to bung on YouTube, once I find the CD that Emily gave me. I’m also going to write up a condensed (and sanitised…) version of my routine – “The real seven signs of ageing” – for this blog.

And finally – I’ve got another comedy gig! On the strength of my first performance at LAASoc, I’ve been booked to do 5 minutes at the Lukin on 2nd September.  Now I’m faced with the dilemma of whether to stick with my tried and trusted material about knickers, babies and turning into my mother, or write something new.

Hmmm. What would you do?

PS As an aside, on a comedy tip I’m hosting a preview performance of an Edinburgh fringe comedy show in my living room – how cool is that? It’s my lil’ sis Helen‘s show “8+1/2 songs about love (and other myths)“.  Of course, the challenge for me is to try and get more people into my lounge than she’s going to get on a night in Edinburgh. Only kidding, H – I’m sure it’s going to be brilliant.


3 responses to “Funny Women 2009

  1. i want to be there for the next show… 2 sept you say…

    • Yup – 2nd september. And dammit, now I’ll definitely have to put the video up. Which means actually looking at it in the first place.

  2. I think you’ve got balls of steel to do stand up. Mucho kudos, and all that.

    Looking forward to the video!

    Neil (Raygun)

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