Sunday Driver on 209 Radio

Screw in the Tuna.  We came, we saw, we screwed.

Screw in the Tuna. We came, we saw, we screwed.

After our rehearsal on Saturday, Sunday Driver trundled down to the studios of 209 local radio in Cambridge to appear on “Screw in the Tuna” (nope, me neither… am I missing something?) – a new student music show.

The presenters were really sweet (if a bit inexperienced), and we did a short interview and played a couple of live tracks.  The audio is pretty compressed, so the quality isn’t great but they’re listenable.

Here’s a stripped-down version of “Down by the Den” from our last album, featuring Chandy (vox), Chemise (guitar) and Joel (sitar):

Link to file

And here’s the whole band playing new song “The Suitor” (I’m on spoons!):

Link to file

Here’s the whole show, if you’d really like to listen to a slightly cringe-worthy interview, as I start banging on about “keeping it real and going to watch live bands”:

Link to file

We’re wondering about releasing the Suitor on a new EP, or as a single.  What do you think?

One response to “Sunday Driver on 209 Radio

  1. GO SPOONS!!!!!!!!!

    reckon you should release The Suitor as an EP

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