Cake! The musical (and a competition)

My first attempt - a musical cake

My first attempt - a musical cake

Competition alert – you can win chocolate brownies! Read on…

I love cake. There, I’ve said it. I love eating cake and I love making cakes. I recently went on a cake decorating course at Squires Kitchen down in Surrey, learning about royal icing and piping – something I’ve always wanted to do better but never got round to.

On the right is my first attempt at using the skills I learnt on the course – a chocolate cake coated in pink fondant, decorated with royal icing piping and flowers.

Link to large version

I’m going to give away a special prize to the first person (who doesn’t live in my house…) who can correctly guess the tune – see below for details.

Another view of my masterpiece

Another view of my masterpiece. Ignore the bit where I've clearly shoved the icing tip into the fondant.

Since then, I’ve made a cake decorated with bones (made using the run-out technique) for a friend’s charity fundraising cake sale. It was a fundraisier for the Bone Cancer Research Trust – I’m not just some kind of sicko who likes making skeletal cakes. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of it. I am a useless blogger sometimes.

Anyway – I’m going to do a competition: If you can correctly identify the tune on the cake, then I will send you a package of Namesake chocolate brownies in the post. Clue – the tune’s pretty old.

The rules:

  • Please enter by leaving your guess in the comments. Obviously, put in your correct email address. It won’t show up on the blog.
  • If more than one person gives the right answer, I’ll put your names in a hat and pick a winner at random. Or maybe do some kind of scientific random number generator thing.
  • Only people living in the UK are eligible for brownies in the post, sorry.
  • The competition ends on 15th August, and I’ll make the brownies shortly after that and mail them. They will not contain nuts. But they will be damn tasty.

4 responses to “Cake! The musical (and a competition)

  1. Okay, I’ve spent an embarassingly long amount of my lunch-break on this, and I’m probably off by miiiiles, and it’s not *that* old in geological terms, but is it Ain’t Misbehaving?!

  2. I’m sat at my desk at work, without a musical instrument to hand to check, so I’m using my very rusty sight-singing to work it out – is the mystery choon ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’?’

  3. verdi’s requiem

  4. The results are in – the winner(s) are announced!

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