Too cute – mini brownies

The Wilton Silicone Brownie Pan. Not silicon. That would be weird.

The Wilton Silicone Brownie Pan. Not silicon. That would be weird.

As well as having an unnatural obsession with yarn shops, I love cook shops. Lucy and I spent a happy hour browsing in the Cook’s Place on Danforth Avenue in Toronto (aka “The Danforth”/”Greek Town”) while Chloe ran riot with the wooden spoons.

As well as buying some more cookie cutters and icing tips, I bought a silicone mini-brownie pan (it just looked too cute, and it was in the sale, OK).   Lucy and I tested it out with a batch of Namesake Brownies, and damn were they good.

We’ve just made another batch to take to a BBQ on Saturday, although I do feel a bit like bringing coals to Newcastle – a Brit bringing brownies to a North American party.

Mini brownies! Cute and delicious

Mini brownies! Cute and delicious

You could also make really cool jellies in these, with individual bits of fruit in them (vodka optional). Or make petit fours. Or mini ice-lollies.  A good purchase, I reckon.

4 responses to “Too cute – mini brownies

  1. What do you use to grease it, butter, butter and flour or pam??
    When i used mine was a desaster, they stick and don’t pop.
    Please help me

    • Hi Emma,
      First time I didn’t grease it at all, second time I used a bit of sunflower oil. But I did have to put them in the fridge for a few hours to firm up before I tgried to get them out, and even then they stuck a bit and some of the edges crumbled. It probably works best for firmer brownies. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, i’m going to try

  3. i try it in three way
    canola oil, pan, and a mixture that find in internet
    is a blend of equal parts of vegetable oil, shortening(crisco) and flour
    the last was the best, and only need to cool in a rack
    they pop itself
    try it
    the link is

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