More chocolate – fondue this time

Mortimer Chocolate Company fondue - prior to official testing

Mortimer Chocolate Company fondue - prior to official testing

I’m an avid blog-reader, and recently happened upon Domestic Sluttery – the self-styled “Home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.”  Yup, that sounds like me.

Anyway, a while ago they recommended a great product from the Mortimer Chocolate Company – a metal tin of powdered chocolate that you bung on the BBQ, making an instant no-mess chocolate fondue. So I ordered one, and brought it out to Canada with me as a gift for Lucy.  Very prompt and friendly service too – nice.

So the other night we fired up the BBQ (gas, of course – they’re middle-class Canadians, what did you expect?) and had some tasty steaks, alon with tin-foil packages of potatoes, garlic and onion. By the time we got round to the fondue, the gas cannister had run out. And because my sister’s husband is away, that meant no more barbeque. No, I have no idea why you need a Y-chromosome to change a gas cannister, but I wasn’t going to argue…

So we melted up the fondue in a warm oven, and ate it indoors with strawberries and caramel walnuts for dipping. It was really delicious – melted down nice and smooth, and was very tasty dark chocolate.  Here’s Lucy, acting as official taster:

NOM NOM NOM! It really was very good

NOM NOM NOM! It really was very good

I would certainly think about ordering the choc fondue powder again, although I’d probably just get the powder and put it in a heat-proof container if I was BBQ-ing at home, rather than buying it in the foil pack. But it’s a handy package to take away on a trip, or give as a gift. Especially the kind of gift you take someone, then eat most of it yourself 🙂

Edit: I’ve been asked to add that on friday night Lucy did manage to change the barbeque gas cannister all by herself. Pah, who needs men?

3 responses to “More chocolate – fondue this time

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the post! Always happy when people try out our stuff!

    Nom nom nom…

  2. I concur with the opinion of deliciousness that is presented above.

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