Cancer stem cells – awesome science

Cancer stem cells -  a bit (but not a lot) like zombies. Or like the weird Alien mother thing.

Cancer stem cells - a bit (but not a lot) like zombies. Or like the weird Alien mother thing.

I’ve had a busy morning – up at 6am to go and sit in a radio car down the street to be grilled by FiveLive, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (that was tough…) and then the BBC World Service. Then straight into work to go on BBC News channel, and write a quick blog post.

The reason? A particularly fascinating bit of research published in Cell. Researchers in the US have finally found a drug that can kill cancer stem cells, which were previously thought to be pretty invincible. Like the evil dead or something. So now we have our metaphorical ‘silver bullet’ (usual caveats apply – this isn’t the One Magic Bullet that will Cure Cancer), and  – more importantly – we have a technique that will enable researchers to find more.

It’s all explained in my post here on Cancer Research UK’s Science Update blog.  Check it out – it’s seriously cool science. Excuse me while I get my nerd on.

4 responses to “Cancer stem cells – awesome science

  1. Angela Milliken

    Hello Kat, lovely to hear your voice on radio 4 this morning and I am so pleased that you are doing such fantastic work.

    I immediately told my colleagues all about “one of my old year in industry students” including… “and she plays the harp too!!”

    Have a great weekend, best wishes Angela

    • Awwww thanks 🙂
      It seems like forever ago that we were all up to mischief in Oxford and Pershore! Remember NEBSM – Never Ever Begin a Scheme through Marjorie?
      Hope things are well with you,

  2. A compound has been discovered that targets specific master cells that aid in the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Salinomycin outperformed other drugs by being hundred times more effective at destroying the cells in a test tube.

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