Brownie competition winners!

Delicious brownies. Bet you wish youd entered now, hmm?

Delicious brownies. Bet you wish you'd entered now, hmm?

It’s time to announce the winners of the Least Successful Competition Ever! I was overwhelmed by the flood of entries for the Musical Cake comp, and have decided to award the prize of Chocolate Brownies to both correct answers.

So, well done Martin and Sam – you have both correctly identified the mystery tune as “Ain’t Misbehavin'”. I’ll be in touch by email to figure out how best to get them to you (once I’ve baked them).  Ruth comes in a close third with her suggestion of Verdi’s Requiem, and will get a special dairy/egg-free boobie-prize when I next see her.

Well done everyone, and stay tuned for the next cake/music competition!

4 responses to “Brownie competition winners!

  1. I didn’t see the competition and I wouldn’t have got it right if I had… but can I have a brownie? 😉

  2. Well I would like you to know that I did have a look at the cake and tried to work out what the interval between each note might mean (up a bit, down a bit) and though there was a tune it wasn’t anything I recognised.

    Then I noticed there was information on the left hand side that might affect how one should ‘read’ the tune but didn’t know what to make of it. So admitted defeat!

    We learned music theory at school – I have only the vaguest memory of it which was basically ‘what on earth is this about?’

    And finally, I don’t know actually know (off the top of my head) how “Ain’t misbehavin'” goes so I have been a total failure on this one. Am off to YouTube to have that “Ohhhh, yeah I know that song” moment.


    OK I don’t think I know that song, though I’ve heard of it. I got the interval of the notes correctly but the pacing wrong and am now instantly fascinated by the information encoded in musical notation and will have to investigate further!


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