Bring me sunshine – and METAL

Metallica rocking out to the sound of the harp, round my house.

Metallica rocking out to the sound of the harp, round my house.

After a happy holiday and the unfortunate knee incident, I’m a bit out of practice on the ol’ Naked Piano, and desperately brushing my repertoire up to speed for a wedding on Sunday up near Birmingham.  I’m usually happy to accommodate any requests for entry/exit music as well as during the signing of the register, and this weekend’s wedding is set to be the most unusual yet.

Far from the standard dreaded Pachelbel’s Canon, they have asked for Starlight by Muse as entry music, Bring me Sunshine by Morcambe and Wise to go out to, and Enter Sandman by Metallica during the signing.

Here’s a few rough-and-ready late-night one-take (and slightly out of tune, I notice…) recordings of my own unique interpretations of these masterpieces. If you listen carefully, you can probably hear my housemates Ricky and James playing Rock Band in the background – it sounds like they’re quietly kicking Bon Jovi to death.

Bring me Sunshine

Link to file: Bring_me_sunshine

Enter Sandman (now tidied up to remove the mistakes – oops)

Link to file: Enter_sandman


Link to file: Starlight

(As an aside, I recently became aware of Harptallica – a harp duo who play Metallica and other metal covers. How awesome is that?)

6 responses to “Bring me sunshine – and METAL

  1. “Starlight” turned out very well. I am suitably impressed.

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s a bit of a rough recording but I’m quite pleased with my arrangement. It should be enough to get them up the aisle, anyway.

  2. It’s definitely a novel idea 🙂

  3. you and Samy *have* to start a metal covers band :o)

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