Tribute to Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Pervert - maybe. Weird - definitely. You can't deny that at least his older stuff is AWESOME

Pervert - maybe. Weird - definitely. But you can't deny that at least his older stuff is AWESOME

I had a curious wedding request the other day, for Thriller by Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, due to the fact it doesn’t really work on the harp, it wasn’t for the actual ceremony, and I only had 2 weeks to learn it, I had to turn it down. But I got to thinking about MJ tunes that would work on the harp.

So here is the result: a rough version of Billie Jean, played on the harp. In tune this time, but probably with the sound of my housemates watching Fight Club in the background.

Billie Jean

Link to download

I’ve also been working on a version of Man in the Mirror, which sounds quite lovely – especially with the cheesy key change at the end. But it’s not quite performance-ready yet. It’ll have to wait.

Any other songs (MJ or not) that you think might work on the harp? Generally, the best songs are ones with strong melodies, or strong riffs. I’ll give the best ones a go and report back.

5 responses to “Tribute to Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

  1. I have a feeling that “You Are Not Alone” would work out nicely on the harp. You should give it a try.

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  3. I love this song…Michael will be missed. I would love to hear you play Jackson songs on the harp…very cool!

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