What’s the collective noun for socks?

I have a couple of brace of socks to show off, knitted on trains, buses, watching TV or films, at gigs, waiting for weddings to start, and generally during any moment I have to sit still. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to knit at work, but I’m trying to get round it.

The first pair is suitably manly, and will be a Christmas present for  a chap, while the other pair is knit from the sparkly sock yarn I got in Toronto, and is destined as a feminine present:

Two pairs of very warm and cosy but pretty boring socks

Two pairs of very warm and cosy but pretty boring socks

They’re boring and mindless k2p2 rib – perfect for moments I’m actually trying to concentrate on something else. I think they’ll make good hiking socks, and hopefully appreciated by the recipients. Next up, a bag for my little neice.

4 responses to “What’s the collective noun for socks?

  1. There’s nothing boring about them! Socks are next on my ‘things to learn how to do’ agenda.

    • Socks are awesome – very portable and very therapeutic. Look on Knitty for some easy patterns and helpful advice. Go for it! My top tip would be to start with thicker yarn (DK) and bigger needles (4mm) while you’re learning, to get the hang of the basic mechanics, then graduate onto thinner wool and tiny needles. And pull the first 2 stitches on each needles REALLY TIGHT to avoid ladders at the corners

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