Naked Scientists – remotely

The view from Western House - uninspiring

The view from Western House - uninspiring and no cake!

I was on the Naked Scientists again on Sunday, after our summer hiatus.

In a fascinating show, we talked about stem cells for healing the heart and “soft” nanotechnology (and why the visions of tiny submarines floating around our bloodstream a la The Fantastic Voyage is a load of rubbish), as well as a fab kitchen science all about bendy bones.

What’s a bit different about this show is that I was coming down the line from a studio in London (Western House, home of Radio 2 and 6Music). Can you tell?

I think the only real blooper on the live show happened when I didn’t come in with a cue, because I couldn’t hear the trailer going out. We’ll fix it next time (and hopefully it’s edited out of the podcast).

Anyway, here’s the audio – enjoy!

Link to file

I’m on the show again this Sunday (6-7pm live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire), but I’ll be in the Cambridge studio (hurrah – cake!).  Helen Scales and I will be talking about our feathered friends and twittering about the world of birds. But really it’s all about the cake.

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