All aboard the Good Ship!

Nom nom nom!

Nom nom nom - I made lemon and poppyseed cupcakes for the gig!

On Saturday Sunday Driver had a gig at the Good Ship in Kilburn. I’ve got mixed feelings about the venue, because last time we played there I was utterly exhausted, cranky as hell, and cracked the mouthpiece on my clarinet in half, rendering it unplayable.

The evening started badly, with me making a poor choice of route and taking an hour and half to drive to Kilburn from Hackney. The soundcheck wasn’t great, and I had a bad feeling about the night ahead.

This was compounded by the balcony area (meant to be reserved for bands and their kit) being over-run by a load of people who weren’t actually in one of the bands. I hate to be precious about it, but this really pissed me off. It made me worried about leaving my stuff up there, and nervous that someone would accidentally damage one of my clarinets or my costume.  And we had no room to sit down and plan the set.

Luckily, my fears were unfounded as we went down a storm, with a large and appreciative crowd.  I hope they weren’t just there for the cakes and brownies I made!  And the sound was actually pretty good in the end.

I forgot to ask Ricky to take any pics of us, but here are some other pictures I took from the night.

Were on the bill!

We're on the bill!

First up was the lovely Emmanuella Grace, whose powerful voice and piano-based songs put me in mind of Regina Spektor (of whom I’m a huge fan):

Emmanuella Grace - taken from the balcony

Emmanuella Grace - taken from the balcony

She was followed by Heg Doughty – also a singer with a keyboard – who kicked off with a lovely unaccompanied song and wowed the crowd with her folky tunes:

Heg Doughty - piano player no. 2

Heg Doughty - piano player no. 2

Then it was our turn. We were followed by the Cardboard Band – very Pogues-esq, slow bit/fast bit kind of stuff. They were fun:

The Cardboard Band - clearly made of people, not cardboard

The Cardboard Band - clearly made of people, not cardboard

All in all a top night. If anyone has any pics I’d love to see them.

2 responses to “All aboard the Good Ship!

  1. Hey, so cool to find your site.
    I am a huge Regina fan too. Thanks for noting me on your site! Would love to see any other pics you had of the gig at the Good Ship. Hope to see (and hear) you round.
    All the best.
    Emmanuella x

    • Thanks 🙂
      I really enjoyed your set. I don’t have any better pics, unfortunately, as my camera is so bad I just take random snaps. Good luck with it all!

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