I get spam – Black hattitude

Black Hattitude - the album

Black Hattitude - the album

Normally spam is just a bunch of crap that I delete straight away. But this one amused me. After some cautious Googling it turns out that Black Hattitude is a fundamentalist Jewish rapping group.

I suspect they may not be aware of how their name is being taken in vain for nefarious internet purposes…


thanks for the great quality of your website, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

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Darren Heel

So- what’s the funniest/weirdest bit of spam you’ve ever had?

6 responses to “I get spam – Black hattitude

  1. Hi just had this spam too! Hillarious that it’s also a fundamentalist Jewish rapping group!

  2. I just got this and had the same questions. Thanks for clarifying. I found it amusing as well.

  3. yea me too, just longer.

  4. haha i get black hattitude spam as well, which is why i ended up googling it too. none of the spam links worked, so i couldn’t see their sites of black hattitude….. aw.

  5. I got this too, but I am not amused. Spam is spam is spam!

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