Congratulations Anne and David!

The High Rocks, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Lovely venue, gorgeous weather

The High Rocks, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Lovely venue, gorgeous weather

I’ve played at a lot of weddings in my time, and they’re all wonderful, joyous occasions, but today was particularly lovely.  I played for the ceremony of Anne and David, and there was so much love and happiness (and a little silliness!) throughout that it made me well up a bit.

I was booked by Anne after playing at her daughter Jessica’s wedding a couple of years back (Jess and Pete now have a gorgeous little boy, so it was heart-warming to see that too).  Looking back through my emails, I see that I played Fields of Gold for Jess and Pete – and it was also requested by her mum too. Awwww 🙂

I wonder if the fact it was second-time-around made the happy couple more relaxed. There was no doubt they were taking it seriously, and were very much in love, but it lacked the terrified seriousness I’ve seen at some of the weddings of younger couples.

I played a selection of Bach, Fields of Gold and a bit of jazz before the ceremony, then Elton John’s Your Song for the entrance of the bride, Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns’n’Roses and Gymnopedie by Satie for the register signing (very eclectic choice!) and Starlight by Muse for the exit.  I’ll try and record a clip of the G’n’R as it sounds awesome.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to snap the happy couple, but here they are in miniature, next to the cake:

Charming little cake and bridengroom figurines

Charming little cake and bride'n'groom figurines

One response to “Congratulations Anne and David!

  1. The cake looks very nice, personally I’ve found in the past that a lot of wedding cakes jus don’t taste that good, well at least the one’s I’ve tried.

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