Sunday Driver live at the Green Carnation

Mel and Ghoshi looking disreputable at the Green Carnation

Sunday Driver played an awesome gig last Tuesday at the Green Carnation in Soho – a suitably flamboyany boozer devoted to Oscar Wilde. It was an absolutely brilliant night, and huge thanks to everyone who came down.

*PLUG* Our next gig is on Friday 13th November at the Cafe de Paris, just off Leicester Square. We’ll be shooting a video there, and there should be loads of the Steampunk community coming along. Here’s the Facebook page with the details. Expect the unusual…

Back to last week’s gig. The support act was a band called Aquilina, and I was thrilled to discover that fellow Digitonal member Samy Bishai was playing with them. So we had a good old chinwag and traded insults, as usual.

Aquilina sounded great. I loved their Arabic-tinged acoustic tunes – really excellent stuff and super-nice guys with it:

Aquilina. Samy appears to have been possessed by Satan. It's the eyes...

After Aquilina got the crowd warmed up nicely, we went down a storm after a slightly shakey start (and me forgetting how to count to 22 for the first time in my life…). There was crazy Bollywood-style dancing, a mirror-ball, and plenty of whooping and cheering. Usually, this would be great. But the PA wasn’t very loud, and we couldn’t actually hear ourselves in the last song!

Anyway, a fab gig, and to prove it, here are a couple of exclusively-for-you live tracks.

First, Choli ke Peeche – our version of a Hindi Bollywood number. It’s all about the delights that lurk under a lady’s veil (and/or skirt).  Ooooh, saucy!

Link to file

And next, our last single Rats (written by me! Yay!), which got everyone up and dancing:

Link to file

Enjoy – and let us know what you think of the tracks.

We ended the night in the decidedly raw CroBar round the corner, which was a bad move for a Tuesday. They only serve Red Stripe lager in cans, or spirits in shots. My request for a small chilled white wine was met with a look of withering disdain.

Anyway, we stuck some Soundgarden on the jukebox, made the Sign of the Horns and toasted a great gig. See you on the 13th at the Cafe de Paris!

At the CroBar, rocking out, while slightly still dressed as Victorians

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