Best. Pumpkin. Ever.

A work of genius, made by my housemate Duck a couple of years ago:

ACDC pumpkin



Happy Hallowe’en – and watch this space for pumpkin cookies 🙂

3 responses to “Best. Pumpkin. Ever.

  1. I thought my starship enterprise was pretty good, but I concede that this is a very good pumpkin.

  2. Does your pumkin cookie recipe use tinned pumpkin, or the proper stuff? I have a pumpkin waiting to be cooked, but all the sweet recipes I find use tinned pumpkin 😦

    • No actual pumpkins were harmed in the making of the pumpkin cookies – they’re sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins… Supercute though. I’m going to ice to faces on today!

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