More socks – Jaywalkers

I’m not what you could call a trendsetter, preferring to wait until a trend has been, peaked, gone and started to come back in again before adopting it. For example, I’m starting to contemplate buying some Ugg-style boots this winter, a good five years after Moss and Miller et al made the “hippies with cold feet” look fashionable.

So it is with knitting trends. Stop laughing at the back.  There definitely are trends in knitting, with certain patterns reaching near-mythical status – Rowan’s Audrey sweater and Knitty’s Clapotis scarf being just two.

Grumperina is a knit-blogger I’ve been following for years, and her Jaywalker socks also managed to hit the knitting A-list. Over the years, hundreds of people have knit the pattern, and there’s an impressive photo-gallery of their efforts. Typically late to the party, I finally got round to joining the cool kids.

Here are my Jaywalkers, knit from the sparkly sock yarn I bought in Toronto in the summer:

In all their glory. I really enjoyed making these

I have to say, they do deserve their fame. It’s a fun pattern to knit – simple enough to not have to concentrate too hard, but just enough going on to keep the interest.

It’s also a great pattern for variegated yarns, bringing out the stripes and sparkles very nicely indeed. And I love the look of the double-decreases (something I’m sure I’ll steal for another design at some point).

As yet, they don’t have an earmarked owner, but they’re destined to be a Christmas present for someone. Next on the needles, a black and white tea cosy, including my first ever attempt at steeking. Wish me luck….

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