Sunday Driver playing at Cafe de Paris on 13th November – be there!

Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver in all our neo-Victorian glory

Sunday Driver are playing our last London gig for a while at the fabulously opulent Cafe de Paris, just off Leicester Square, on Friday 13th November (that’s next Friday!) – we’re on stage at 9pm.

After that, we’re going to concentrate on writing and recording our new material, with a few gigs in Cambridge and Oxford planned before Christmas.

Expect the usual crazy Steampunk/Bollywood antics, sugar mice, corsetry and cakes, with extra added funk from our new drummer Scott.

We’re also shooting a video on the day, and there should be plenty of Steampunks wandering round, so you’re welcome to dress up in your best neo-Victorian garb if you fancy it.

It’s free to get in before 7pm, £5 before 8pm with this flyer:

Your ticket to musical heaven...

Link to full-size version:

See you there!

3 responses to “Sunday Driver playing at Cafe de Paris on 13th November – be there!

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  2. I just ordered the album from Amazon uk, what a breath of fresh steam you blow across the musical landscape. This is surely a classic, Black Spider reminds me of the Bonzos, yes I am that old, and the rest just lit my boiler. We would love to see you in Bournemouth sometime soon. Cheers and salutations. Neil

    • Thank you 🙂 We’re working on getting more gigs across the UK, so if you know any promoters down in Bournemouth, send their contact details my way!

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