Pimp my band – Sunday Driver album, Facebook etc

Sunday Driver - Straight from the 19th Century into the 21st

Sunday Driver - Straight from the 19th Century into the 21st. It looks like my head is about to fall off, Mel's pissing on my brolly, and Joel is being help up by a crane.

A new and exciting chapter has started in the story of Sunday Driver. We’ve been together for quite a few years now – longer than most marriages  –  and finally things seem to be taking off for us.

There’s lots of stuff in the pipeline – including a UK and European booking agent (Frusion – woo!) – a PR campaign in the works, headlining the Cafe de Paris on Friday 13th November (that’s THIS FRIDAY – yay!), and an upcoming feature in Steampunk Magazine.

Anyway, now seems as good a time as any to do a bit of pimping.

If you’re still on Myspace (anyone??) then hop over to our page and befriend us. We are also now on Twitter – @sundaydriveruk

Secondly, if you’re on Facebook, then we have a “Support Sunday Driver” group. It’s like our very own support group, without quite so much alcoholism.

As a special treat, people who join the group will get a sneaky mp3 of our new song “The Suitor”, recorded at Cambridge Folk Festival (little clip below). We also have a facebook fan page here, so join that too!


Finally, our album In the City of Dreadful Night is available to buy from our website, and on iTunes.You can also download our recent single (Rats/Gayatri Mantra) from the website for absolutely zero pence. A veritable bargain.

Here are some of the lovely things people have said about us, the album, and the single so far:

“An act to watch for the future… ” Pathaan (BBC Asian Network) for I-DJ Magazine

Sunday Driver weave an exotic musical tapestry, where East and West cultures meet to create an album filled with drama, dark humour and yearning.bigchill.net

“Breathtakingly cool and stunningly compelling….In The City Of Dreadful Night’ is a fantastic album that’s diverse and tantalising; beautifully conceived, stunningly executed and just such an absolute joy to behold. ” – Toxic Pete

“This tune is one of those you put on when you want to forget about the world and transfer yourself to a different reality.” – London Music Directory

“Chandrika Nath is a commanding presence as band leader ….. the instrumentalists cook like a band that have taken their chemistry to another level” – Music-Zine

“The result is a remarkable album that comes across as a street festival distilled into music in a genuinely innovative way.” – Fatea

“A true musical kaleidoscope” Jim Ody – Roomthirteen.com

“This kaboom of fusion listening is most certainly worth the pennies” – Plum Woodward – The Brighton Hussy

“Unique and sophisticated. A must see.” – Jamie Turner

“….. bringing together the innocence of English folk and shimmering vibrancy of Eastern influences” – BBC online

“Leading the way in world music” – Phil Pethybridge, Hope Street Music

So there you have it. Get in there now, before fame changes us too much 🙂

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