8 and a half songs about love – lil’ sister’s show grows up

A real show, with a poster and everything!

Regular reader(s) may remember a post from July, when my little sister Helen Arney came to perform the preview of her Edinburgh musical comedy show, 81/2 songs about love (and other myths) in our living room.  Although it was great fun, it was clear that the show needed some work.

So after a successful run up in bonny Scotland – during which the rest of the show got written –  she’s been doing a few renditions of the finished masterpiece back in London (as advertised in London Lite!).

We went to see her on the 4th November at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, and as it was her birthday I took a massive consignment of chocolate cupcakes for the audience. NOM!

The weeks in Edinburgh clearly paid off, as the finished show bore only a passing resemblance to the fragments of ideas performed in my lounge back in the summer. Helen has mysteriously morphed into an extremely professional (and funny!) performer, and it was  fantastic night. Dammit I’m proud of her – and a more than a wee bit envious…

Her songs are whimsical, sweet and very funny – I especially like the one about the disastrous date, and the Countdown song. And some of them evoke real emotion – her song about a couple who’ve been together for years brought a little lump to my throat (and a slight sense of unease that it may have been written about our parents…).

Helen at the keys - comedy musicky whimsy

At the end of the show she gave out CDs of the songs – strictly limited edition, 0f course. I’m saving mine for the inevitable tabloid bidding war…  In case you want to see what all the fuss is about (and I recommend that you do), she’s got some videos up on YouTube.

Nice work, H, very nice work. 🙂

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