Baroque and roll – Sunday Driver at Cafe de Paris

Producer Dan goes over some of the finer points of the video shoot

Producer Dan explains the finer points of the video shoot.

I’ll admit to having been more than a little over-excited about Sunday Driver’s gig at the Cafe de Paris last Friday.  Not only were we playing in a fantastically opulant and over-the-top venue, but we were shooting a video. And there were cakes to be made

Throughout the afternoon, producer Dan and his team got busy with interviews for the video. My sister Helen came along, dressed as the “Spirit of Top of the Pops past” and we had a ton of fun writing a suitably Victorian script with plenty of jokes.

Helen ponders the script. Can we get away with a Fanny joke?

We took full advantange of the fantastic rooms backstage at the Cafe – part faded music-hall glamour, part tart’s boudoir, part padded cell:

Helen lounges in the padded room

Big thanks are due to the Steampunk community – in particular Lady Elsie and Ginger who came down from Lincoln to drape us with borrowed finery and take pictures with the old box brownie:

Ginger exposes a daguerrotype...

Me and Chemise. And some bins. I should probably crop these, shouldn't I?

The gig itself went brilliantly well – a great crowd and lots of dancing going on.  It was our first gig with new drummer Scott, and it seemed to go down really well. Everyone was very appreciative, although that may have been because we were giving away free cakes…

Chandy, looking all sweet and innocent. Note Ghoshi in the background, dancing like an uncle at an Indian wedding

Me on the spoons. Years of musical training and this is what it comes down to...

Thanks to everyone who came down to hear us.  We don’t have any more London gigs for a while, but we’re in Cambridge on 11th December and in Oxford on the 14th (playing at a Steampunk Soiree).  Bring it on!

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