Shady ladies – Shadow Orchestra photoshoot

Curlers and a cuppa - I *am* Nora Batty. The light fitting sticking out of my head is not part of the look.

As anyone in a band knows, (sadly) it’s not all about the music. You need an image – or at least photographs of everyone in the band in the same room. So a wee while ago the Shadow Orchestra took ourselves along to a chilly – but fantastic – location near Elephant & Castle called Newington Loft to do a bit of posing.

After getting our hair and makeup done by the amazing Valentina Creti, we draped ourselves around the place and started playing our instruments. For hours.Β  I had some serious blisters by the end, but it was worth it.

Here’s a snap I took while we were having lunch:

Lunch. Modelling is hard work, daaahling

As is probably evident from my blog, I am no kind of photographer. So here are a few of the professional pics, taken by the extremely talented Catherine Derry:

4 responses to “Shady ladies – Shadow Orchestra photoshoot

  1. That last one of you is lovely πŸ™‚

  2. Very gothic. Love the harp earrings.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      I wasn’t too sure about them as they’re a bit cheesy, but I forgot to bring any other suitable ones to the photoshoot!

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