The Science of Love – a love song for scientists

I recently had a week off and escaped to my parents’ house for some creativity. As well as churning through to the end of my NaNoWriMo masterpiece, I managed to write a couple of songs. One of them was called the Science Of Love, which does pretty much what it says on the tin.

I wrote the original on the piano, but unfortunately my singing voice isn’t fit for human consumption. So here’s my sister Helen’s slightly modified ukulele version, greatly improving the third verse by turning it into a middle 8. She deserves extra props for managing to get Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle into it as well.

Similarly afflicted with the Arney over-achievement gene, Helen is attempting the mighty feat of recording 31 songs in 31 days, and fundraising for Shelter, the homeless and housing charity. If you like the song, please donate a small amount to her JustGiving site. It is Christmas after all.  Thank you.

The Science of Love

What strange attraction draws me close to you?

It feels like magic when we kiss.

But I’m a scientist, I will write the laws of our love –

But I won’t be using magic, logic can explain this.

Oh, we’re capturing our chemistry, the 5-HT,

The wash of oxytocin flooding through us when we touch

And I’m trapped by your testosterone, a junkie for the dopamine high you bring.

Our physiology is on overload, that’s the adrenaline I think.

Blood pressure’s rising with vasodilation,

And our mating ritual is worthy of a publication.

Oh I’m talking ’bout anatomy of you and me,

Orbicularis Oris, flex the muscles of your kiss.

And I’m attracted to your symmetry, and you like me for my childbearing hips.

Under the microscope our love just couldn’t take it,

My acts of observation destroyed what we created.

And as the black hole between us has grown wider,

I’ve left you for a physicist when I saw the size of his hadron collider.

Oh, I’m pulled in by his gravity, and he loves me.

This is no weak attraction, it’s pure atomic force.

Feel our activation energy, the delta G, the measure of our true love.

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