Addicted to glove

I *heart* these

Every so often I come across a pattern that is the equivalent of knitting crack. As soon as I see it I’m hooked, I wait impatiently for the yarn to arrive, and then I obsessively dedicate every spare minute to knitting it. And as soon as I’ve finished, I start another one. The Gasteropoda Mitts, by Kristi Geraci, are my latest fix.

I’ve just finished knitting a second pair, and about to embark on a third. If any of my friends are reading this, there’s a strong chance you’re going to be getting a pair for Christmas…

I’ve been knitting them in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi – a super-soft yarn in gorgeous colours that wins the prize for being the SINGLE MOST ANNOYING WOOL I HAVE EVER HAD TO KNIT WITH. EVER. It keeps splitting and breaking, and varies widely between being annoyingly thick and flimsily thin. But hey, the colours are nice…

I also had a bit of an issue with the pattern first time round, misreading SSSK for SSK. So my first attempt came out ridiculously over-sized. And the insanely irritating unique characteristics of the yarn made unravelling impossible.

Damn and blast it to hell. Into the bin with this one.

After sorting this out, the mitts are a really fun knit. The construction is ingenious – make a cuff in the round, then convert it to a strip knit in a spiral around the wrist.  You link the spiral to the previous round by picking up stitches one at a time from the edge below and knitting together, so there’s no sewing at all (hurrah!). It was a bit fiddly until I realised that I could pick up a whole bunch of stitches at once, saving a lot of time and faff:

The green stitches on the left are live, the purple ones on the right are picked up - ready to be knit in, one at a time

I love these mittens. *LOVE* them.

6 responses to “Addicted to glove

  1. They look lush, I like the colours.

  2. What’s the fit like on these ? I’ve been seriously considering making everyone Fetching mittens for next year (with Thuja socks for the men) but they’re a bit measly and they roll over at the top.
    BTW, the knit club at work has been going strong for a month if you want to come and join us. I can send an invite – we even have a fairly regular spot to sit at too.

    • They’re really cosy and seem to fit brilliantly – I really recommend them!
      Please do invite me along to knitting club – I can’t promise I’ll be able to make it but I’m up for it,

  3. I love them too, thank-you!!

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