Another mystery

Hot on the heels of the mystery of the lady darts player, I uncovered another mystery at a recent gig by “high concept covers band” the Eiderdowns (led by ex-Shadow Orchestra guitarist Sam Walton).

Every year they play a whole album in its entirety – this time it was the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, complete with spoken word interludes. It was a bloody brilliant gig, and I danced my socks off like a loon down the front.

But before the gig started, I spotted this sight on stage:

Only a smoking boot remains

It looked for all the world like a guitarist had just blown up, in the style of a Hanna Barbera cartoon, leaving just a smoking boot on the pedal.  Did the guitarist just vanish during the soundcheck? Did a fellow band-mate put a stick of TNT down the back of his trousers?  If anyone can solve this mystery, let me know…

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