Sunday Driver play the Steampunk Soiree

Joel, Rainbow Joe, Chemise and Scott caught in the headlights at the Steampunk Soiree

In gig terms, Monday is probably the nadir of the week, coming a close second to Sunday (cf the last Shadow Orchestra gig…). So when Sunday Driver were booked for the Oxford Steampunk Soiree on Monday night, I had a few misgivings.

For a start, I was meant to be at a scientific conference in Warwick. And half the band had to make it over from Cambridge to Oxford – a nightmare route at any time – in the rush hour. But in the end my worst fears were unfounded. The boys arrived in the nick of time and with barely ten minutes to plug in and line-check, we were on.

Thanks to a hugely enthusiastic crowd – and Rainbow Joe’s super skills with the mixing desk – it was a fabulous night. With only the minimum bribery with sugar mice, people conga-ed around like bizarre arachnids during Black Spider, there was some 50s-stylehand-jiving going on, and I think I spotted an outbreak of the Polka. Big props to Scary Boots, who was leading the charge at the front. Lovely to see you, missus!

In a slight deviation from the usual Sunday Driver style, we also played a traditional folk tune – the Female Saylor (pdf)  – to accompany a set dance that some of the punters had spent the afternoon learning. The atmosphere was utterly joyous as couples sashayed, twirled and galloped across the room with abandon.  Forget standing around moodily staring at your pint at an Indie gig, Steampunks know how to have fun and they do it with relish.

Unfortunately I had to head straight back to Warwick, missing Ghostfire and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (featuring comedian Andrew O’Neill, who you may remember from this gig…)

Ghostfire soundchecking. Blurrily. I don't think he's fiddling with his flies but it does look like it.

I treated myself to a selection of fine comestibles purchased from Messrs Marks and Spencer emporium in Oxford station, purveyors of dry gin, hummus and sticky buns to hungry lady musicians.

A veritable feast. Shame the train was half an hour late. Curse you, Cross Country!

That was our last gig for a while, as I’m off to Canada in January, then Joel and Chandy are going to South America. So we’re looking for gigs for March and beyond. If you’d like to book us, please get in touch!

2 responses to “Sunday Driver play the Steampunk Soiree

  1. Hey Kat! Just found this blog post when trying to track down an article of mine with the search terms “‘scary boots’ ‘evolutionary psychology”.

    Thanks for the props but I do not consider myself a leader.. more a bully 🙂 and sugar mice are a nice incentive. Glad you made it home OK if knackered. Will come see you again sometime.

    Didn’t know you knitted: I taught myself crochet to model hyperbolic planes. Do you knit chromosomes?

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for your enthusiastic bullying. It was much appreciated.
      I’ve never knitted chromosomes, but I’m intrigued now!
      See you soon,

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