Christmas cookies!

Busy in the kitchen last night with my most ambitious  – and messiest – cookies so far. I managed to get icing on my phone, down my front, all over the table and floor, and in the card reader of my laptop.  But they’re worth it.

Festive Christmas tree cookies, with gold icing to look like a star and baubles, and sugar balls to look like fairy lights (look closely). I love these. I’ll be giving some away, and eating the rest!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how sticky are your branches...

Usual M.O. – Peggy Porschen’s sugar cookie recipe with extra vanilla essence for the cookies. I’ve recently been using Silver Spoon (I think) royal icing mix out of a box, and have been very pleased with the results. I was using royal icing mix from Squire’s kitchen (ordered on the interweb), but I think the box mix is better. I’ve also been making the flooding icing more runny in recent attempts, which seems to be better too.

I also think I need to do a bit more playing with the colours. I recently got a set of loads of food colours – a mixture of pastes, liquids and dusts – but I don’t know enough about colour theory to make really decent colours.  The green of the trees looks a bit drab, and the yellow doesn’t really pop.  Maybe I just need to use more?

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