More Christmas creations

Time for the unveiling of the annual Christmas cake. The recipe is from the December 2003 edition of Delicious magazine, carefully preserved through several house-moves and more than a little dog-eared. The trick is to soak dried fruits and prunes in brandy overnight, then bung half of it in the food processor. This makes a rich puree that adds moistness and (importantly) booziness.

In all its glory

I had very grandiose plans for the decoration involving floristry wire etc etc, but ended up covering it with marzipan and a couple of coats of royal icing (shockingly badly done – I really can’t get the hang of it). I topped it with sugarpaste roses, made using a mould, and cut-out ivy leaves and letters. The sugarpaste had some gold edible dust mixed into it, but it didn’t really give a good lustre, so I brushed on more afterwards.

And to get even more in the spirit of things, I stuck a Christmas playlist on Spotify and made some mince pies. I had to make them in a muffin tin, because we don’t have a proper shallow tin. They don’t look elegant but by golly they taste awesome.


Pastry courtesy of Nigella – I tried her recipe with orange juice in it for the first time, seems pretty good.  Mincemeat courtesy of Sainsbury’s. I may be a domestic goddess but I draw the line at making my own mincemeat.

10 responses to “More Christmas creations

  1. Try making your own mincemeat one day – I reckon it’s more worthwhile than home-made pastry.

  2. That is one helluva cake!

  3. Well done, what an awesome cake and very tidy mince pies!!

    I tried to make some today but the pies ooze with mince as they were too full!!

    • It’s a fine balancing act, getting the right ratio of pastry to filling. I do like the deep filled ones I made in my muffin tin, but need to find a better way of shaping the pastry.

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  6. I know this is very behind the times (as I see this is last year’s Christmas post!), but this is a recipe I used this year for mincemeat and its pretty damn good! Makes far too much though, I halved it and still had too much!

    • Thanks for the recipe – I’ll try it next year, as I still didn’t get round to making my own this year. Sounds delicious!

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