Adventures in knitting

There are many things in life that should not mix – oil and water, me and sambucca, Bros and Wet Wet Wet fans (one for the oldies there…) and  – as all knitters know – kntting and scissors.

A little while ago I broke this rule, and made my first attempt at steeking some knitting. Basically, you knit something, then sew a couple of lines of stitches up it, then cut through it. Seems simple enough, huh? Let’s find out.

The subject for our operation is a teacosy for Joel, the guitarist in Sunday Driver. On the request of Chandy (our singer, and also his beloved wife), I made a teacosy with the band’s name on it. Cool or what? (don’t answer that…)

I decided to steek the teacosy in one place to make a hole for the teapot spout. To start with, I put in a few sturdy lines of fairly atrocious sewing, cursing the fact that I turned down ownership of the family sewing machine in exchange for a slow cooker:

First sew your steek...

The sewing from the inside. It doesn't look any better.

Next, take a fortifying drink and go in with the scissors:

Going in for the kill - eeek!

OMG! I totally cut a hole in my knitting!

Unfortunately, this nerve-wracking operation didn’t quite work out as planned:

Dammit! Not quite big enough

Yup – the hole wasn’t big enough. Yes, the spout could poke through, but it looked decidedly silly. There was only one thing for it – suck it up, rinse and repeat. I did some more sewing, and some more horrific cutting.

Ta-dah! Much better. Note the tasteful underwear catalogue in the background...

Finally, I sewed down the rough edges and the masterpiece was finished:

The world's first - and probably only - Sunday Driver teacosy. Joel loved it.

Drunk on success, I’m now attempting a steeked fairisle cardigan for my little niece Chloe. I will not be attempting it without the use of a sewing machine.  Wish me luck…

5 responses to “Adventures in knitting

  1. If you want a simple sewing machine, have you seen John Lewis’ pastel range ? See :
    Not reduced in the sale but still a good price. Don’t know if it’ll cope with knits though.

  2. Oooh, you brave woman! I like the results.

    • It was terrifying. The next steeked thing in the pipeline is going to be even worse :-/ Definitely need to get hold of my sister’s sewing machine before I try it.

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