Well, hello there 2010

Big Ben

New Year's Eve. A bad time for the overambitious

I pretty much hate New Year’s Eve. Being a relentless overachiever, it’s the ultimate deadline – and one that I’ve usually failed to meet. By the time Big Ben chimes, I can only think of the things I have left undone. This tends to make me very bad company at NYE parties, and usually means I drink too much and get maudlin.

I have not written a book this year (although I have written most of one…), I have not written a song every month (although I have written a few, including the surprise geek-pop hit The Science of Love), I have not lost 2 stone (although I have made a lot of delicious chocolate brownies), I have not degreased and re-oiled my bike regularly (although I have saved around £700 by cycling and running to work).

So, for the record, here are my resolutions for 2010:

-Finish novel and send to agents/publishers
-Learn to use Ableton audio software
-Write 5 songs
-Keep blogging regularly
-Do some more standup comedy
-Play as many gigs as possible with the Shadow Orchestra and Sunday Driver
-Take better photos (just bought a new camera – wooo!)

Those should be doable, I reckon. What about yours?

5 responses to “Well, hello there 2010

  1. I’d be interested to hear how you get on with Ableton.

    I’ve never used it myself (can’t play music, no need of Ableton) but came across it when following up an excellent Radiolab podcast with the cellist Zoe Keating who apparently does use it (Ableton Live) in her performances.

    Quantum Cello

    Good luck with the other resolutions!

    • Interesting stuff – Chris from the Shadow Orchestra uses Ableton in our performances and Ricky has also been using it to make stuff for the Belleruche album. It seems incredibly powerful (and hopefully not too complicated).

  2. Ableton does indeed look very powerful, and to my simple mind, complicated. I have been using MixCraft, which seems slightly more intuitive to me…

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