Wooo! Sunday Driver win an award!

Buy our award-winning album now!

No big prizes or glitzy ceremony, but Sunday Driver are really proud to have won FATEA’s 2009 award for Innovation. Ironically, one of the bands we pipped to the post for the prize was 6 Day Riot – I played harp on their album earlier this year.

All in all, it’s been a good few months for us – we’ve seen sales of our album rising around the world (today we shipped a copy to Japan!), and we hope to be even more busy in 2010.  We’ve certainly had a hand from this lovely writeup (“Steampunk – yr doin it right”) by the Steampunk Workshop.

So I hope you will join us at a gig this year, and with a bit of luck we’ll be able to record and release new material as well.

4 responses to “Wooo! Sunday Driver win an award!

  1. ooh i didn’t realise you played on that album – i’ve got it and it’s aces.

    i (in my capacity as bassplayer in gamages model train club) played on the same bill as them at the boogaloo in highgate last and they’re a top band – very charismatic lead singer!

    and well done on your award!

    • To my shame I don’t think I’ve actually heard the 6DR album – I never got a comp copy and refuse to buy any album I’ve played on!

  2. Which tracks did you play on for the 6DR album? Had a look on the credits last night, because I always like seeing friends credited on album sleeves, and there wasn’t even any harp listed, let alone you! I’d have a stern word!

    • errrm, I’m not sure I know the names of the songs, I’d have to rummage in my notebooks. It’s a bit remiss of them if I’m not on the sleeve though 😦

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