Exclusive new Shadow Orchestra tracks! Part 1

"Do the drums sound loud enough to you?" "More harp!"

Sometimes in life you have to play the long game. We first started recording the Shadow Orchestra EP/album/whatever about two years ago, and since then the band has been through roughly more evolutionary changes than the great apes. As soon as we’d get a recording that reflected the lineup of the band, someone would leave and we’d have to start again.

But now it looks like we’ve settled on a great lineup, it’s time to start pulling together our debut studio album. Over the past few months we’ve been recording, re-recording, mixing and generally dibbling about in the studio. Apart from actually playing on the recordings, my role in the process seems to be to sit in the back of the mixing studio and shout “More harp!” every few minutes. And make the tea.

Mixing the new Shadow Orchestra tracks. More harp!

And now, as a world exclusive, I’ve been allowed to put some snippets of the demo tracks up on my blog. At the moment we’ve got about 6 tracks completely done as demos, and over the next few months we’ll be tidying them up and getting them into a state to be released.

So these aren’t final mastered, perfected versions (and they’ve all been edited down to around 2mins) but they should give you an idea of where we’re heading. I’ll put up the tracks over a few days, cos I’m a big old tease.

First up, a track called Bones, first written by us a few years back when we used to rehearse in a freezing cold squat-cum-warehouse in Greenwich.  This has been through several revisions (stadium rock version, crazy bebop version…) and now finally sounds like a proper song, thanks to Mary’s fantastic vocals.  I love this track, and reckon it would go well as our first single.

Link to download Bones (edit)

And next, Direct Out. This one owes a huge debt to our previous guitarist Sam Walton, and came out of a jam at Treacle, the Shoreditch studios where we currently rehearse.  No prizes for guessing where the name comes from…

Link to download Direct Out (edit)

What do you think?I’m really thrilled to see these tracks finally getting close to completion, and will be even more excited when we’ve finally got an album in our hands.

And if you’re a promoter/DJ please get in touch with Chris Bangs for full-length mp3s, demo CDs or booking enquiries.

3 responses to “Exclusive new Shadow Orchestra tracks! Part 1

  1. Sounding gooooooooooood! Lovely to hear Mary having a proper sing, and of course nice to see that a few of my guitar licks have survived the editing process… 😉 I await the others with baited breath.

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