An evening with The Residents

The Residents

The Residents - stripped back jazz and soul

Having a birthday in mid-January sucks – it’s cold, people have given up drinking, and nobody has any money. But this year I was saved from birthday misery by Kathrin from Belleruche, and her new jazz night at the A Lounge under the Albannach in Trafalgar Square, featuring house band The Residents and special guests.

They made their debut last Thursday (the day before my birthday) to a packed bar. As well as Kathrin’s divine vocals, Richard Spaven adds his superb drumming skills, and “Level” Neville Malcolm provides double bass. And there’s some smooth horn playing from Tom Allan.

I had a brilliant time listening to their expert musicianship, and fawning over the gorgeous and super-talented guest guitarist Ricky Fabulous (also from Belleruche… and the man crazy enough to ask me to marry him). Even though I didn’t get breathy Marilyn Monroe-style Happy Birthday from Kathrin…

Here’s a couple of pics from the night – not taken by me (in that they’re not horrendously bad and blurred). I think these might have been taken by the lovely Fred.

The divine Miss De Boer

Kathrin on the left, Ricky on the right, Richard in the middle

Anyway.  If you like good music and whisky cocktails (which are awesome – I recommend the whisky sour), then get yourself along there this Thursday, and every Thursday. The Residents residency is for a limited time only – and I may even join them at some point on the clarinet too…

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