What the hell do they put in this stuff?

Living in a shared house has its ups and downs. On the plus side, I have a readymade family of friends, it’s cheap, we have a cleaner, and sometimes my housemate Duck cooks us all fajitas.

On the down side, I keep unearthing hidden “treasures” from the fridge and cupboards. While having a clear-out before Christmas I found this packet of hot-dog buns –  unwanted BBQ fodder left over from the summer:

The expiry date reads "11-09-09". These were unearthed in late November, having lain undisturbed since June

Upon opening the packet the buns appeared to be in perfectly good condition in terms of texture, smell and general appearance. But despite my scientific leanings, I confess I didn’t try eating one in the quest for a full assessment of their properties.

Although it’s nowhere close to hitting the 30-year vintage of the world’s oldest Twinkie, I am staggered by the longevity of these humble buns. What on earth do they put in them? Formaldehyde?

Or is our bread-bin the modern equivalent of a pyramid?

2 responses to “What the hell do they put in this stuff?

  1. It’s probably just that they’re hermetically packaged under nitrogen so there are no ‘robes to start spoiling them…probably perfectly safe to eat in a disaster situation (like when the late-night munchies hit after a lockin at the pub and the kebab van was shut)

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