Addicted to glove – still hooked

Despite the title, this isn’t a post about crochet. Here’s the fourth pair of Gasteropoda mitts I’ve made – the most recent result of a gripping and intense addiction that fortunately resulted in the production of a number of Christmas presents, rather than me selling my body down the Shacklewell Road or slumping in a doorway mumbling to myself.

The last pair for now?

Owing to a yarn shortage, this pair was slightly shorter than the previous pairs I’ve made, and dont have thumb gussets.  To be honest, knitting the gussets was a right pain and the lack of them doesn’t seem particularly detrimental to the mittens.

Anyway, I ended up with this much yarn left at the end – how’s that for efficiency?

Phew! That was close...

I might make some more of these from some of the yarn I recently bought in Toronto, but I think I probably need to go cold turkey for a bit first.

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