EyeSeeSound TV: Shadow Orchestra live session

The only thing weirder than playing a gig on a Sunday afternoon is playing a gig on a Sunday afternoon to an audience of about four people. But this wasn’t a disastroud gig from hell – no, The Shadow Orchestra were shooting a live session for EyeSeeSound TV at the Luminaire in Kilburn, and the audience was Jules the producer and his lovely team.

It’s a very strange feeling to set up, get all dressed up, soundcheck and play a gig with nothing but a bunch of cameras staring at you – though it does avoid the horrific purgatory between the soundcheck and the gig.

Anyway, we had a really great time and played five songs – Direct Out, Creaking and Bowing, Bones, Sweet as a Nut and Rocket Pack. The guys from EyeSeeSound will pick three to put up on their site, along with an interview with Chris and Mary.  Not only will it go up soon on their website, but there will be a DVD as well. Apparently the rushes look great, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Exciting!

Here’s a few backstage pics:

The boys making themselves look purty

Mary relaxes backstage, taking advantage of the expertly made tea and tasty snacks (thanks, Jules!)

Me, sporting my glam new Canadian makeup - only slightly looking like it was put on by a five-year-old. Probably should have picked a proper mirror rather than the weird carved one, too.

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