Another stab at felting – Love hearts part 1

Perhaps the best thing about crafts is that there are a lot of opportunities for shopping – whether it’s buying yarn or patterns, knitting needles, piping tips, sprinkles or cupcake wrappers.

So I didn’t pass up the chance to buy some lethally sharp stabbing equipment for the purposes of needles felting: a 5-needle felting tool from now on known as the SuperStabber), a 3-needle felting ‘pen’ and a glorified scrubbing brush (aka a felting mat) bought from Christie Bears on a late-night whim.

Add in a bagful of lovely dyed merino tops from Texere, a couple of free hours and a quick bit of Google image searching, and you end up with this – an (almost) anatomically correct heart just in time for Valentine’s day:

Left and right coronary arteries and left anterior descending artery clearly visible, if a bit wonky

Stab, stab, stabby, stab – felting is brilliant fun 🙂

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