ZOMG! Recording with Lloyd Miller

Down in the basement - surprisingly cosy

I don’t do a lot of session work (the pro harpists in London seem to have most of that wrapped up) but I really enjoy it.  Getting to meet fantastic musicians and learning new stuff is always fun, but not always glamorous – last Sunday I found myself in an unpromising basement in a dodgy council estate in Dalston for a session with ethno-jazz legend Lloyd Miller.

I played on about 4 tracks for his upcoming album, recorded with the Heliocentrics (I previously played with them on their recent album with Mulatu Astatke – I’m assuming the “Alice Coltrane-style oddness” the reviewer refers to is me…) They were all modal, based mainly on Oriental scales and melodies – one Chinese, two Japanese and a funky South American-type number.

It was an absolute thrill to work with Lloyd, and also with James Arben (flute and woodwinds). The only down-side was that there was a photographer there, and I was wearing my rather slobby weekend clothes – a rugby shirt and leggings – with no makeup. At least I’d brushed my hair, which doesn’t always happen…

Here’s a few pics from the afternoon:

A Japanese harp (O-koto)

Lloyd at the piano

James the flute player

I love this picture - how many musical instruments can you spot?

I don’t know when the album’s coming out, but if the session is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty special.  Watch this space!

3 responses to “ZOMG! Recording with Lloyd Miller

  1. Damn. You impress me more and more everytime I see your tweets and open the blog. But why not the pictures of you in the rugby shirt with no makeup? Keith Richards has been dead for 20 years yet has no qualms about being photographed as is.

    Can’t wait to hear the tracks – congratulations on the endorsement of your musical talent.

    • Awww thank you! I don’t have any pics of me, because they were being taken by a pro photographer, and I don’t know when he’s going to make them available. The ones in the post are just snaps that I took on the day. and I am vain 🙂

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