The Naked Scientists – Blowing in the wind

Is the answer to our energy problems blowing in the wind?

I was back in the saddle on the Naked Scientists this week, co-hosting the show down the line from a cosy little BBC studio in Great Portland Street. Sadly, this means I miss out on the cake up in the Cambridge studio, although I do get to sneakily knit through most of the show.

This week we were talking about wind power – including a fun interview I did with the aptly-named Frank Fish, who’s designing wind turbines based on whale fins. there’s a also an interview about a flying wind turbine, and a rather messy kitchen science experiment to demonstrate where the wind comes from. And a couple of news stories showing that science doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated to save lives or lead to new technology.

But the highlight of the show was a real blast from the past – Chris found a cassette tape (remember those?) featuring the first ever time we were on air together, as part of National Science Week around a decade ago.  I can’t believe how young and squeaky I sound!

You can find out more about the show and download it here, and listen to the audio through this little player:

2 responses to “The Naked Scientists – Blowing in the wind

  1. And there I was thinking we’d never hear you on there again! Seems like months ago I heard you on the Podcast

    • Good to know someone missed me! It was Christmas, then I was ill, then I was away. It’s good to be back on the air though – it’s such good fun!

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