Beauty in yarn – Selbu modern

Sometimes you see a pattern and you just HAVE to knit it.  No questions, no hesitations – it just grabs you and demands to be made. I got that feeling when I saw the Selbu Modern hat on Alice Bell’s SlippedStitch blog. I was drawn in by the elegant design and, even better, it’s a FREE PATTERN!! ZOMG!!ELEVENTY!

So I made it, using yarn I had leftover from Chloe’s awesome steeked cardigan:

The hat is meant to be a sort of floppy tam kind of affair, but – like Alice’s – mine came out more like a beanie. I do tend to knit tighter than a mongoose’s sphincter though. So I decided to block the hell out of it.

I washed it carefully and then stretched the hat over a large upturned bowl:

Bowlhead. I love the William Morris-esque pattern.

I'm ready for my closeup (Thanks to the Pickled Weasel for alerting me to the existence of my Macro button...)

Stay tuned for pics of the finished hat and an exciting competition, as I will shortly be giving it away!

5 responses to “Beauty in yarn – Selbu modern

  1. I think I need to re-block mine on a giant bowl (it has a slight square kink in the top). Or a balloon. Apparently blocking hats on balloons works really well.

    • Blocking it on a bowl like this seems to have given it a proper tam/beret shape, with a ridge. It’s a big Ikea pasta-type bowl, in case that’s any help…

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