Win a handknitted hat!

Win this hat! Untidy hair and poor photographic technique not included!

OK, I’m giving away this beautiful hand-knitted Selbu Modern hat – can be worn either as a beret-style affair, or as a beanie. the colours look a bit off in that picture (because I took it at night, in our hallway) – there’s a better representation here. A stylish way to see out the rest of this chilly Spring, don’t you think?

If you’d like to be in with a chance, please leave a comment below, telling me about your favourite hat.  I’ll pick a winner randomly from all the entrants and pop it in the post (even interntaionally!) – so don’t forget to leave your email in the comment form so I can contact you if you win.

Bon chance!

Closing date for entries is 22nd March

9 responses to “Win a handknitted hat!

  1. My favourite hat is a rainbow striped yak wool hat I bought in chorlton. It’s my favourite because it matches one a friend found for my daughter Alice.

    I like to wear it when she wears hers, as she won’t allow it once she’s about seven. ;0)

  2. I used to own the kickasseat hiphopest visor ever. It was rainbow coloured an knitted an my fav thing ever
    I have no idea where it ended up. Lost in limbo with all my other clothin that never returns from my drunk nights out 😦
    I miss it

  3. My favourite hat is my blue hat, because every time I wear it someone tells me it makes me eyes look very blue 🙂


  4. ((raising hands and comment posts jumping upand down ooo oo oo ))
    ME ME ME !!! Love it ! What a beautiful hat!

  5. My favorite hat is a very old baseball cap with the superman logo on it. I bought it when I started running, and I’ve run one marathon and a dozen half marathons in it. It’s kept me warm when it’s cold and cool in summer sun.

  6. My favourite hat is one I made for Munchkin. It has snowmen and tassles.

  7. My favorite hat is a light tan baseball cap. I wear it when I go golfing or hiking to try to keep the sun off of my face and avoid a terrible sunburn. It is my favorite because it is light colored and does not get terribly warm in the hot sun and it doesn’t look terrible on me like most things I wear.

  8. I like my pink baseball cap with Mt. Rushmore on it. I like it because it reminds me of the vacation I had in South Dakota where I got the hat.

  9. Kat, you loon! Beautiful hat. My favourite hat is a three cornered hat because we used to sing a song about one in welsh when I was a very small boy. A hat with three corners; kinda funky.

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