Sunday Driver at the Electroacoustic club

On the billing...

After Joel and Chandy’s extended trip to Chile, it was great to be gigging again on Wednesday night with Sunday Driver. The venue was the fantastic and intimate (i.e. small with sofas) Electroacoustic club at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. I’ve played here before with Digitonal and the Shadow Orchestra, so it was fun to come back with a different band.

It turned out to be an eclectic evening, with songs sung in French, Italian, Latin, Hindi (sort of…) and Welsh.

First on the bill were the Mishapen Pearls, whose ethereal music and operatic singing (covering the first three languages on the list) was a joy to hear.

Mishapen Pearls - glorious

Then we played. I have no pictures of that, obviously. But there were maple syrup cupcakes…

Yummy! Some lucky people in the audience ended up with cake

… and we played a mix of old songs (including Bol and Spoon, which has Indian rhythmic syllables for lyrics) and a couple of new ones. Our set went down really well, although I think Chandy didn’t really explain the whole Steampunk get-up we were in.

Topping the bill were 9Bach, who do odd yet incredible versions of Welsh folk songs. To be honest, that description does no kind of justice to them at all. I loved their brooding set, especially the song about Granny’s House.

9Bach - my harp's bigger than their harp...

A fantastic night, all in all -thanks to everyone who came down!

Our next gig is 30th April at the F0rge arts venue  in Camden, which is going to be an amazing night – book your ticket now. We’ve got a whole night to ourselves – yay! And you can get 15% off in the Caponata restaurant (part of the venue) if you book a table to see us by calling 020 7 387 5959 or email

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