Shadow Orchestra play the Underbelly

The harp attempts to look cool. Fails.

Tuesday night saw the Shadow Orchestra venturing into Hoxton – land of asymmetric haircuts and skinny jeans – to play at the Underbelly, a glamorous underground drinking den in the corner of Hoxton Square.

Things I loved about the night:

  • The venue – nice size, nice stage, great sound, lovely promoter and ace sound engineer who coped super-efficiently with our complex set-up
  • We played a great gig, trying out some new and revamped material. Our short set went down really well, we sold some CDs, and had a few good ‘learning experiences’ along the way
  • The cakes I made to bribe people t0 sign up to our mailing list (email if you want in!) – chocolate spice with Maya Gold-flavoured buttercream this time. They vanished before I could get a photo, unfortunately. I’m going to work on the recipe a bit more and post it up on my blog.
  • The Dromomaniac – lovely surfy-bluesy stuff that reminded me of the Reverend Horton Heat on downers

    Dromomaniac - oooh, twangy

  • Getting to play with my sparkly makeup again
  • Eating yummy chicken wings in the Japanese restaurant in Hoxton Square

Things I wasn’t so keen on:

  • The bill was a bit random – we stood out like a sore thumb among the more acoustic/stripped-down acts

    On the bill at the Underbelly

  • Paying £16 to park for 4 hours and having to peg it home at 10pm because I couldn’t park there any longer, missing the last act and leaving my friends
  • The dressing room was tiny and smelt of drains. Like, really whiffy and grim
  • I’ve put on loads of weight and my stage dress doesn’t fit!
  • Confusion over which pictorially-labelled toilet to go into (“Do I feel like a flower? Or like a bull? I’m so confused! I’ll just wait here until someone of either gender comes out…”)

Were you there? Did you get a cake? And what did you think of the set?

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